Weather Overview

The weather in Mumbai is usually pleasant. Being a port, the sea prevents sudden changes in climate. One is away from the harshness of weather and the city of opportunity provides pleasant weather throughout the year.

The weather in Mumbai can be divided into three major categories : Summer, Monsoon and Winter.

Summer : Usually extends from March to May. Maximum temperature may rise to 34 degrees.

Monsoon : Usually extends from June to September. Ample Rainfall. Carry an Umbrella if you are visiting Mumbai in this season , because it usually rains pretty hard , pretty regularly.

Winter : Usually extends from October to February. The most pleasant season of them all. Temperature is usually between 18 to 24 degrees. Great time to visit Mumbai.

The city of Mumbai is spread over more than 440sq. kms. A quarter of the city is below the sea level. It is situated on the west coast of the Indian state of Maharashtra, facing the Arabian Sea.

The weather in the city is warm most of the time. The months from June to September are considered to be of the monsoon season with heavy rain falls. Always remember to carry an umbrella or raincoat during monsoon season. January is the coldest month in Mumbai. For people coming to Mumbai for the first time, it is better to visit it in cool climates as hot and humid weather during the months of May and June becomes unbearable.

The period between October and February is a great time to visit Mumbai, where nature comes alive in a landscape of cool breeze, lush greenery and the city enjoys a gentle season of blue skies. From March, the temperature regularly rises and the humidity reaches saturation point. It is very hot just before the monsoon rains break in mid-June.