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"Ganpati Bapp Morya, Pudhchya Varshi Laukar ya"

“Ganpati Bapp Morya, Pudhchya Varshi Laukar ya”. Bappa is on his way back, but here are a few wishes we hope grants us before he comes back to brighten our lives again next year…
Treat women with respect
We have finally risen up (since last year) to fight against the horrendous crimes against women. We wish the lord helps us strengthen this cause further and get rid of sewer rats that are charged with crimes against women.  Treat her with respect guys. She’s special.
People become more considerate
Like seriously, there is a massive need for people to be considerate of other people’s needs, or even their existence for that matter. Would it not be nicer to have cars slow down to let people pass or people letting an old lady get in a train first rather than pushing and shoving each other. We are subconsciously convinced that to struggle is to survive… Maybe we can change that… It’s time to bring back the SansKaars!
Stop Spitting 
We literally paint our towns red, don’t weJ! We spit a lot. You have done it, I have done it. We all are guilty of this sick pleasure. Think about it, what if we had a bus stop which was not red, a public staircase which was not red, a road which was not red, practically anything not spit red… Life would be so much better.
Treat our cities like our home
This kinda blends into the spitting rule. But we don’t just spit do we… We litter, we pee, we poop and god knows what horrors we make our cities go through. Dustbins get stolen, and gutters get filled. There are many initiatives taken by the government, like Clean Mumbai Green Mumbai, but they need our help and our wishes to implement this well.
Get Some Traffic Sense
The horn is not a toy. Use it when you need it. Speeding in cities does not make you cool, just a jerk. Turning without indicators is plain stupid. Racing bikes is good for movies, not for real life. Wear a helmet for you, not for the police.
Ban all politicians who have been accused, or in jails, or out on bail
We don’t need them anymore. Either have a cleared record or just please leave us alone.
Ban Religion Politics
We are stupid and religion affects us whether we accept it or not. Parties exploiting the gullible by preaching religious sermons are not what the country needs. We need more practical leaders who talk about development and not just ‘jaatiwaad’ and ‘aarakshan’.
Set a retirement age for politicians
It seems like an abuse of human rights. If a public servant retires at 65, so should politicians. Make elders consultants or advisors to the government. Then again not everyone needs to be 65 to retire.
Solve basic infrastructure issues
Unavailability of Toilets, Roads, Water and Electricity still haunt many parts of the country. There are places where manual excavation is still existent. Get rid of it.  Here’s hoping that people get a better life.
Tackle Inflation
Rising prices cause heartache. It’s true… (Just Kidding)… The basic necessities in life should not be beyond the reach of the people. Give everyone a right to eat healthy and live slightly (if not a lot) better.
Curb Corruption
We all support corruption in one way or the other. Most us have been on the giving end, whether we like it or not. Real development cannot happen if bribing does not stop. Once we are honest, we can expect honesty out of our leaders. After all, we cannot be hypocrites rightJ.
Revamp our armed forces
These guys fight for our country. Get corruption out of the Defence Sector. Give our brave soldiers the equipment they need to protect our country. So many brave lives can be saved.
Improve Illiteracy rate, especially in women
“Mulgi Shikli Pragati Zali” (Educated Women Promote Development). Women are the real fire power of a developed nation. An educated woman will bring up educated children. Educated children will ensure prosperity in future.
Male Female Sex Ratio
As I said, women are the future. God wanted them to be born, you have no right to not let them live. Stop female infanticide. On a lighter note, it sucks to have just 5 girls in a class of 50 doesn’t it? :P 
Slim Down Pot-bellied cops
This is ridiculous. Our thieves are in so much better shape than our cops. A police force needs to be alert. They need to induce fear in the minds of criminals and a sense of safety in the hearts of the innocent. A pot belly does not help much!!
Fix Pot holes
Traffic jams are bad enough. Pot holes should be called a violation of human rights!! As a person using buses the most, my worst nightmares are the monsoons in Mumbai. No bum deserves that kind of treatment (pun intended)! 
Revamp the degree level syllabus
Its 2014 and we study courses recommended in 1992. It’s high time we change the course structure, especially, in case of our technical courses. 
Introduce health courses in school
If the young kids learn the importance of good health and hygiene, we can save ourselves from having obesity issues that are on the rise. We don’t want to be fat nation like the US do we :P
Dance all night 
Ok so I’m being a bit selfish here, but at least give us one day when the party places are open all night. It’s a pity that we need to go to Goa or a place very very expensive if we want to stay out till 4 in the morning. It’s just not fair.
Shop Shop Shop!!!