Waterway Services




Ferry services connect Vashi (in Navi Mumbai) to the Gateway of India. It takes just 30 minutes from Belapur, Navi Mumbai to Gateway of India by ferry.




Ferry services are available to visit Elephanta Caves and this is the only way to get there. It offers fast boats and Catamarans operated by private operators. These are moderately priced. The jetty services are also available to nearby places such as Alibaug, Rewas and Mandwa.




Ferry service is also available in northern Mumbai, across the Manori Creek. The barges operate at regular intervals across the shallow creek linking Manori to Malad. The ferry service is cheaper than the BEST, connecting Manori and Gorai. It also provides services for Esselworld Park. 




If you are travelling from Varsova to Madh Island and want to reach Versova in a inexpensive rates within 5 minutes  then go for waterways facility. The ferry moves connecting Madh/Erangal/Aksa/Marve.