Smart Tips

Here are some Smart Tips to make your travelling more enjoyable...

Health Tips

Mumbai health care services are best in the country and any serious emergency can be treated within the city. So no need to worry about any health problem but still it is advisable to have your medical check-ups done prior to traveling to Mumbai. Keep all your regular medicines and first-aid kit with you.

Remember to place sun-screen lotion, umbrella, sun-hat, sun-glass etc in your bag while travelling to this Island City, where sun shines all year round.

Travel Tips

It is always safer to take the prepaid taxis, in order to avoid being taken via longer route to your destination.

Mumbai standard time zone is UTC/GMT +5:30 hours.

What to wear?

Modern or traditional all types of cloths are acceptable in Mumbai. It is suggested to dress in a decent manner whatever you wear, so as to avoid unwanted stares.

Since Mumbai is situated in a tropical region, there is always humidity & warmness in the climate. Wear cotton cloths to keep your body airy and relived from sogginess of sweat. You could carry shorts, jeans, capris, t-shirts and maybe kurties. 

Keep in mind…

Ask before taking pictures of someone. Mumbaikars are very kind hearted they will have no problem in posing for you.

Common languages used in Mumbai are English, Marathi and Hindi. Learn a little bit Hindi that will be exciting & help you more.

Mumbai boasts of various caves, forts, temples, gardens etc. that may be hard to identify when you return home so it is better to take the picture of the name of the place.

Facts to be aware of..

Dress appropriately & cover your head with cloth while visiting any temple, church, mosque and other religious places. Don’t forget to remove shoes outside, wash your hands and feet to show respect towards god.

All visitors to Mumbai required a tourist visa, valid for 6 months from the day of entry that is issued from the Indian Embassy, High Commission. If you want to extend your trip, then you should apply for a double or triple entry visa.

Mumbai is a safe city although usual precautions are necessary especially in a crowded haunts like airports, railway station, popular street markets and tourist spots. Keep your money in a safe place or use an inner money belt.

According to the Law a fixed legal drinking age in Mumbai is 21 yr. for mild beer & 25 yr. for others.